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you’ll fall in love
with it

The more you know,
the more you love it
Tonkatsu specialty restaurant in Shijo, Kyoto

“Kyoto Katsuriki”
is a restaurant specializing in tonkatsu (pork cutlets)
made with carefully selected ingredients made in Kyoto.
The moment you put it in your mouth, you will feel a sense of fulfillment.
The owner is proud to offer you a masterpiece of deliciousness.


A Taste of Kyoto
The Finest Tonkatsu

The Only Brand Pork of Kyoto
“Kyoto Pork”

Katsuriki’s tonkatsu, which is particular about local production for local consumption, is made with carefully selected ingredients from Kyoto. The main pork is Kyoto’s only brand of pork, “Kyoto Pork”.
The main ingredient, pork, is made exclusively from Kyoto’s only brand pork, “Kyoto Pork”. The surprising thing is the tenderness of the fine texture of the meat.
The rich flavor of the meat itself and the fatty meat of high quality give it an overwhelming sweetness.

【Fine】 & 【Coarse】 for choice
Choice of 2 Types of Bread Crumbs

The batter uses special original bread crumbs.
You can choose from two types, coarse or fine, according to your preference.
The coarse batter gives a crunchy and reliable texture.
The fine batter makes it light and comfortable to eat.


Carefully selected rice from Kyoto

To accompany our tonkatsu (pork cutlets), we serve delicious, freshly cooked rice.
We carefully select and purchase the most delicious rice of the year and the season from Hachidaime Gihei, a long-established rice wholesaler in Kyoto.

Enjoy The Taste to The Fullest

Recommended Way of Eating

how to eat


Please start dierectly with
the second one on the right

Because we are confident in our ingredients, we encourage you to taste the original flavor of the meat as it is.
The second piece from the right end of the pork cutlet is the golden ratio of lean and fatty meat that can be tasted simultaneously in one bite.
Experience the blissful taste that spreads in your mouth the moment you put it in.


Eat it with pink rock salt
to taste the sweetness

Our tonkatsu is simply served with salt to show its true value.
After taking a bite, please enjoy it with pink rock salt, which enhances the umami (delicious flavor) and sweetness of the pork.


Add seasoning
selected by the owner

You can enjoy two different tastes by adding a special chuno sauce with white miso, which was jointly developed with “Ojika Sauce” born in Gion, Kyoto, or by adding bubble soy sauce from Takeoka Shoyu (soy sauce), a soy sauce brewery in Kameoka founded in 1868.


Enjoy it with drinks
at dinner time

At dinner time, we also offer carefully selected sake, shochu, and wine.
Please enjoy a chic moment facing the high-quality taste of Kyoto-made with sake.


We keep our menu simple
because we focus on using
high-quality ingredients

speciallity Tonkatsu with Bone Tomahawk or T-bone

The thick-sliced b​one-in tonkatsu (pork cutlet) is the best choice to enjoy Kyoto Katsuriki.
We sell “Tomahawk” (88 yen / 10g), which is a dynamic fried rib roast on the bone, and “T Bone” (110 yen / 10g), which allows you to enjoy both loin and fillet.
You can enjoy the superior juiciness and tenderness that comes from the bone-in.

greeting message


Kyoto Katsuriki, an authentic tonkatsu (pork cutlet) specialty restaurant, is located in the founding facility “SUINA Muromachi” in Shijo Karasuma, Kyoto.

Since our opening in 2019, we have been serving “Kyoto-made” tonkatsu made with Kyoto ingredients.

Our policy is to create the one and only tonkatsu that can only be found in Kyoto.
We use Kyoto’s unique brand pork “Kyoto Pork”, bread crumbs, seasonings, white rice, and other ingredients all produced in Kyoto, and we take great pride in each and every cooking process.

Customers often ask, “Which menu item do you recommend?”
Our chefs are proud to say that every dish we create is a masterpiece.

Please choose what you want to eat, and enjoy the [food] of Kyoto Katsuriki as you feel.

Thank you.